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This workbook in magazine form is for the pregnant mother who wants to delve deeper into her pregnancy. It provides you with various sources of information about: Nutrition, Ayurveda, YES Feeling with your whole body (BRAINS, HEART & WOMB), information and reflection on hormonal processes during pregnancy and childbirth and two Ayurvedic recipes specially tailored to your pregnant body.

In addition to information and recipes, I also invite you to reflect and explore within yourself. Interwoven throughout the workbook are questions and exercises that help you gain more insight into how you feel about certain themes and how your body expresses this. As you read through it will plant seeds, but do you want to get the most out of it? then I recommend that you keep your journal handy and write down all questions and reflections.

A nice collection of tools that support you in this special phase of your life and help you prepare for giving birth! Only 50 copies of this booklet available, for the first 50 moms who order :)

Physical Pregnancy workbook from HonorYourNature

  • The workbook is printed as a magazine (A4) and therefore fits through the letterbox! You can enter your address details at checkout!

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