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For doulas, maternity nurses and other women who want to learn to cook for women during the maternity period


You can be a Food Doula too!

Do you want to learn to feed the maternity women you see better? In this 2-day workshop we go for a week

learn to compose and prepare a menu that will deeply nourish her at all levels of her being.

You will learn about Ayurveda, making menus, cooking techniques and you will get an inside look

in all my favorite recipes! From my background as a chef and current work as a doula, I will take you through the subject. So you gain knowledge, but we also really work together! We make stock, make soups and bake tasty, nutritious snacks.

I want to give you a good foundation from which you can immediately start working for women. That didn't fit in one day. Both days last 4 hours, most of which we will be cooking! Afterwards you will go home with a handout in which you can read everything again, as well as about 20 recipes that you can prepare during the maternity period.

Of course we have to know what we are making, so you go home every day with a number of nutritious meals. At the end of this workshop you can immediately start cooking for women with a lot of love and knowledge! This way we can together give even more women a good start in motherhood!

If you are not (yet) working as a Doula or maternity nurse (or birth worker for that matter) but you do feel a great affinity with the work and love cooking... Then just come! I am secretly looking for more hands who want to do this work :) with me or for yourself! Let's talk!

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