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In the phase of life of thinking about children, wanting to become a mother, getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, young mother, to the point that she is firmly in her new role.

This WOMAN is curious, driven from 'primal' and womb, wants to make (more) space for herself and her child(ren). A WOMAN who is conscious in life, wants to live in line with her emotions and nature, is developing in this and wants to develop more. She wants to invest in that important exploration, self-development and self-care. She believes in the power of WOMAN and in herself. And otherwise I do... because woman, you are so powerful!

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Are you a woman and/or mother (to-be) and would you like to work with me? There are a number of ways in which this is possible

Mother Natida Lopez Adradso with two daughters walking in the forest

1-on-1 sessions

one or a number of separate appointments with Reiki and/or Nature Coaching, among others, to work together on a specific question or something you encounter.

Group dance Dance circle Dancing&Sharing Women's circle

Women's circles

Women's Circles, Mom Circles and Dance Circles. With a permanent group or one-off. For folds, mothers, pregnant women.



Rituals to honor important moments in your journey as a woman in this life. Mother blessings, Tribegatherings and Rebozo ceremony.

Pregnant belly close-up photo by Rachel Schraven Photography

Pregnancy & Postpartum Journey

(doula) guidance during your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. A spaceholder for your transformation.

Natida Lopez Adrados headshot by Rachel Schraven Photography

Hello! I'm Natída

Mother of three, Wild, Wise Woman who is in touch with her roots and her nature, aligned with her source.

I work with and for Love with great respect. I do this for Women and Mothers in the phase of becoming a mother. I walk with them for a while on their path of transformation. I guide and honor the women who understand that they do not have to walk this path themselves, but alone, so that they can sink even deeper and live in line with their true being.

Ontvang gratis 'de 5 universele postpartum behoeftes' als cadeau van mij voor jou!


Bedankt voor je bericht!


Dankjewel :) vanaf nu ontvang je  inspiratie en updates van mij in je inbox! Liefs, Natída

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