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Doula guidance

Guidance during pregnancy and postpartum period. Spaceholding for your transformation from woman to mother.

A (doula) guidance program for a woman who wants to experience her pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood completely in line with her inner world and own nature. You can choose a complete process in which I also assist you during the birth, or only during pregnancy and/or postpartum.

The process consists of a combination of 1-on-1 sessions, circle sharings/women's circle evenings, rituals and ceremonies, being on-call for and present during your birth and extensive Postpartum care.

I can't show you exactly what it looks like here. It's your path. We determine the route together in the first sessions, you are the compass for this journey! I am there to walk with you and support you where necessary.

What do I mean by Doula?

As a Spiritual Doula, I feel that this transition phase from woman to mother is not only a physical event, but is also deeply intertwined with our emotional, spiritual and energetic layers. So I work from a holistic approach and recognize that our well-being is interconnected at all these levels.

The role of a Doula involves creating a safe and supportive safe and sacred space in which you can open yourself and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges you face.

I believe that you already have everything you need within you, and I invite you to do so by offering a listening ear, asking deep questions and encouraging self-reflection. I help you to (re)discover your own inner wisdom and strength so that you can grow and flourish during this transformative time in your life.

I do this by using different techniques and tools, depending on your needs and preferences, but especially by empathizing and attuning. This may include meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, energetic work, coaching, massage, rituals and ceremonies. These sessions help you connect with your deeper self, strengthen your intuition and support the transformation processes that occur.

What I can offer you is a non-judgmental and loving presence at all times, tailored to your individual needs and desires.

It is very important that you feel a connection with me as your potential doula, because we will build an intimate relationship in the run-up to the birth of your child.

A Doula is not a replacement for medical care, but a valuable addition to it. For support on the emotional, spiritual and energetic level and to help you connect more deeply with your own inner sources of power.

I did my doula training with Bia doula in Amsterdam.

I believe every woman deserves a doula! Unfortunately, a Doula process is not yet insured by health insurers. However, there are options for having a pregnancy course reimbursed if you (also) follow it with me. If you feel you want me as your doula but can't afford it, reach out to me. I have room to do 1 course per year at a very reduced rate. Contact me to hear about the possibilities!


This is for you if you:

  • Want to live and honor this special time in your life to the fullest, with all layers of your being (and not just from your head)

  • Feels that the veils for you are now thinner than ever and you want to discover that

  • You could use loving support and/or guidance on this adventure

  • Know that you have that Primordial Mother within you, and that you want to fully invite her to express pregnancy and birth in your unique way.

Are you interested? Contact me via the form on this website, or schedule an introductory call. After introduction and coordination, I will send you a personal proposal for a program that suits your needs!


Postpartum treatments

You sometimes hear “hold the mother, not the baby” and that sometimes feels difficult for women to accept. But daring to lean into it during this phase of your life is not only very nice, but also very necessary.

It is the recognition of yourself as a Mother-Woman, and the changes you are going through. You can honor yourself and reflect on this major life event. Do that consciously. By creating rituals for yourself and also having someone carry you in the ceremony, you give space to the transformation of becoming a mother (again). The key is intentional integration and space holding.

By choosing in advance to make room for the support and intimacy you need to feel during the maternity period, you not only choose for yourself, but also for your new child and entire family! It will provide you with strength and nourishment at all levels of your being during an eventful time.

This download contains the list of treatments and rituals with the investment costs. I would like to hear from you if I can support you during your maternity period.

HYN postpartum behandelingen en rituelen Prijslijst
Download PDF • 7.37MB

This could be you

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