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A ceremony or ritual to honour special moments in your journey

Tailored to your wishes and your being, I will take you into a ceremony to confirm this special moment of your journey.

Examples of possible ceremonies are a Motherblessing, a Tribe Gathering or a Rebozo closing ritual.


The Tribe Gathering is a ceremony in which the power of 'the village' is addressed and evoked. The pregnant woman takes center stage and ceremoniously invites her village to carry her during the coming period. 'It takes a village to raise a child' is no longer self-evident in these modern times, and with this ceremony we evoke the old knowledge in all those present and give men and women their promise of qualities and support to the expectant mother.


The Mother's Blessing is a ceremony inspired by an ancient ritual of the Navajo Indians in which the transition from woman to mother is honored and celebrated. This rite of passage to motherhood is deeply rooted in tribal life, and during the Blessingway the women present pass on their qualities and their support to the next generation of mothers. The new mother is supported and empowered spiritually and emotionally for her journey of childbirth and motherhood.


The Rebozo Closing Ceremony is a traditional Mexican ritual that is performed on new mothers, starting 40 days after giving birth. The mother opens up both physically and energetically during birth. This ritual is there to honor, celebrate, process and conclude the great transition of becoming a mother (again).

During the ritual you will be wrapped in cloth from head to toe. I use traditional Rebozo cloths from Mexico that are woven out of pure love and intention. Through a series of rituals, the new mother is enveloped in love and strength. She closes a phase of her life, making room for a new part of herself to blossom.


Read further on these pages about what such a ceremony could look like, and also the why of ceremonial life.

I would like to recommend that you first call me or attend a circle evening before requesting a ceremony from me. This way we can get to know each other and you also know who I am and how I work. It is important that it fits completely and feels good!

This could be you

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